Books and coffee – an afternoon delight

I loved my afternoon.

Instead of coming home after work and jumping right into working out, cleaning, or starting dinner, I stopped by Startbucks for an afternoon treat. I dropped off my bag when I got to our apartment, put a couple of things away, grabbed a book and headed out to the deck with my iced coffee in hand.

It was wonderful.

It was blissful, because I let go of my work day. Don’t get me wrong. It was another great day in the classroom, but it was nice to come home and not rush into something else. However, it was a challenge. I’m so used to going from one thing to another with such a sense of urgency. You know what I mean?

I kept reminding myself to slow down and took deep breaths. I made myself stop looking at my watch. I finally settled in and read my book and drank my coffee. I did it for a solid hour and it was a very productive hour. It was productive because it allowed me to take time for myself.

While I know a majority of women and men don’t have the luxury of having an hour to take time to read or self-care in other ways, I want to encourage you to do what you can when you can. Take 5, 10, or 15 minutes to simply do something you enjoy. By doing so, you are better for yourself and for others.

Published by Christine Denker

I love all that life offers, I believe that mistakes make the best lessons, and I work to make the world a more positive place.

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