Every day is a second chance.

The view from my lounge chair at the pool.

When I open my eyes in the morning, I’m getting in the habit of being thankful for being given another day. As I am in the midst of my second act, I feel much more connected to being grateful for each day.

I don’t think I appreciated each day as much when I was younger, because I was busy being a daughter, wife, mom, teacher, and coach. The days all seemed to flow together into one big blob. I didn’t take time to really cherish each day and treat each one with the reverence it deserved.

Now that I’m 53, I feel as if my perspective has changed. Although I don’t have nearly as many responsibilities as I once had, I have taught myself to slow down and enjoy the moments more. I like to think I’m living in the present much more intentionally these days.

There are some days where I feel incredibly guilty, because the day went by with a blur. It was as if one leg was nailed to the floor, and I traveled in circles without going anywhere.

I’m learning to let go of the guilt and simply be thankful when I open my eyes the next morning. I’m being given a second chance.

Published by Christine Denker

I love all that life offers, I believe that mistakes make the best lessons, and I work to make the world a more positive place.

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