Change is within all of us. It’s why life is such a thrill.-Belle Fezziwig (A Christmas Carol)

Photo by kalei peek on Unsplash

I just finished reading the book, I Want to Thank You by Gina Hamadey, and I loved this quote by Belle Fezziwig near the end of the book.

Change is indeed in each one of us. We have the ability to do things differently whenever we choose to. We don’t have to wait for the beginning of the month. We don’t have to wait until Monday. We don’t even need to wait until tomorrow.

We can start making changes today.

Doesn’t that affirmation simply send chills up your spine?

I mean, seriously. We can start making positive changes in our lives right this very moment! That’s so exciting!

Thinking and planning are the first steps and then the fun really starts rolling with execution.

My wheels are turning just thinking about what I’m going to do next.

How about you?

Drop me a comment if you have something you’re going to work on changing. I love exchanging ideas!

And, if you’re curious about what I’m going to do next, just ask! I can’t wait to tell you.

Published by Christine Denker

I love all that life offers, I believe that mistakes make the best lessons, and I work to make the world a more positive place.

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