It’s Been a Hot Minute

The last time I wrote my grandson was seven months old. He just had his first birthday a little over a week ago. So much has happened over the last five months, but it makes no sense to give a rundown. There’s too much to tell. Over the next few weeks my goal is toContinue reading “It’s Been a Hot Minute”

Why can’t people follow simple directions?

As I rounded the corner to head into my local Target this morning, I was met with a corded off area at the entrance directing me to use the entrance at the other end of the building. No problem. The extra steps would do me good. At the other entrance was the sign that masksContinue reading “Why can’t people follow simple directions?”

Kindness Always Wins, Always

I believe that a person should always be kind no matter how hard it might be. I don’t know why but sometimes it’s a challenge to be kind, especially in a world where people tell you that sometimes you just have to be an asshole.  People take advantage of kindness. People see kindness as aContinue reading “Kindness Always Wins, Always”

When a Simple Errand Becomes Life-Changing

Yesterday I picked up an order for my daughter so that she wouldn’t have to leave the house with her infant son. Easy enough. I drove there, picked it up, and headed back. On my way I encountered several four way stops. At one in particular there were red reflectors attached to each stop sign.Continue reading “When a Simple Errand Becomes Life-Changing”