Every day is a second chance.

When I open my eyes in the morning, I’m getting in the habit of being thankful for being given another day. As I am in the midst of my second act, I feel much more connected to being grateful for each day. I don’t think I appreciated each day as much when I was younger,Continue reading “Every day is a second chance.”

Bust the Multitasking Myth with These Three Steps

It starts with turning to Mental Minimalism Instead There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve heard the term minimalism. But, what about mental minimalism? Mental minimalism is slowing down our minds to think and act upon what we want to say or do one thing at a time. It’s keeping the relevant and throwing outContinue reading “Bust the Multitasking Myth with These Three Steps”

Life Lessons Happen in an Unlikely Place: the Kitchen

Someone recently asked me if I enjoy cooking, and I wasn’t sure how to answer the question. It’s complicated. I’ve never been particularly confident when it comes to my culinary skills. When our kids were young, I made a lot of Hamburger Helper and we made weekly outings to McDonald’s. It was just easier forContinue reading “Life Lessons Happen in an Unlikely Place: the Kitchen”

People Were Right: I Am Tired

I chose to ignore what people were saying during the school year. Right and left, I noticed quotes and comments on Instagram and Twitter about teachers saying how tired they were. Allies were saying the same thing about us. I chose to ignore what was being said, because I’m a firm believer that even ifContinue reading “People Were Right: I Am Tired”