Every day is a second chance.

When I open my eyes in the morning, I’m getting in the habit of being thankful for being given another day. As I am in the midst of my second act, I feel much more connected to being grateful for each day. I don’t think I appreciated each day as much when I was younger,Continue reading “Every day is a second chance.”

Life Lessons Happen in an Unlikely Place: the Kitchen

Someone recently asked me if I enjoy cooking, and I wasn’t sure how to answer the question. It’s complicated. I’ve never been particularly confident when it comes to my culinary skills. When our kids were young, I made a lot of Hamburger Helper and we made weekly outings to McDonald’s. It was just easier forContinue reading “Life Lessons Happen in an Unlikely Place: the Kitchen”

People Were Right: I Am Tired

I chose to ignore what people were saying during the school year. Right and left, I noticed quotes and comments on Instagram and Twitter about teachers saying how tired they were. Allies were saying the same thing about us. I chose to ignore what was being said, because I’m a firm believer that even ifContinue reading “People Were Right: I Am Tired”

It’s Been a Hot Minute

The last time I wrote my grandson was seven months old. He just had his first birthday a little over a week ago. So much has happened over the last five months, but it makes no sense to give a rundown. There’s too much to tell. Over the next few weeks my goal is toContinue reading “It’s Been a Hot Minute”

Kindness Always Wins, Always

I believe that a person should always be kind no matter how hard it might be. I don’t know why but sometimes it’s a challenge to be kind, especially in a world where people tell you that sometimes you just have to be an asshole.  People take advantage of kindness. People see kindness as aContinue reading “Kindness Always Wins, Always”